Spohn Site Search

Spohn Performance has just launched a much more powerful website search system on our website at www.spohn.net.

Next to our search box located at the top of each page on spohn.net you will see two buttons listed as “Products” and “Site”. The default “Products” search is the site search system we have always had in place to search for products and SKU numbers in our online product catalog.

Our new addition is the “Site” search which is powered by a Google custom search engine and will search our entire domain for the keywords you are searching on. This new “Site” search will return search results from our product catalog, blog articles, support center articles, videos from SpohnTV.com, Facebook wall posts…. and the list goes on. It’s very powerful and very accurate.

The next time you need information on anything related to Spohn products, give the new “Site” search button a click and peruse the wealth of information it will provide. It’s fast and it’s easy!