Chevy Hardcore just put out a feature on some of our Customer Rides. Congratulations to James Montigny, Mike Lemek and Jeff Moyer for getting some press! The cool thing is they also linked to our Facebook page so readers can peruse all of the Customer Rides pictures we have posted so everyone who has submitted their ride pictures to us got some major traffic.

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Spohn Performance Chevy Firebird

Whenever we see a car pull off a wicked wheelie, we always find ourselves marveling at the big bombastic engine or the thick meaty tries. To really pull those wheelies off safely though requires a serious suspension setup. The guys over at Spohn performance know this to be true, and their products certainly see plenty of action.

Don’t believe us? Head over to their Facebook page where they have posted up a bunch of pictures from users (and believers) in Spohn’s performance suspension products.

The car that initially got our attention was this 1993 Firehawk, owned by James Montigny of Missouri. A factory classic, this mean machine was upgraded with Spohn’s solid front sway bar, rear anti-roll bar, LT1 K-member and an adjustable torque arm. All told this badboy gets down the ¼ mile in just 11.92 seconds @ 113 mph.

Spohn Performance Chevy Camaro

That is just a warm-up though. Mike Lemek has a nitrous-injected 632 cubic-inch V8 engine in his third-gen Camaro that runs 8.0’s in the ¼ mile. He uses a complete Spohn front and rear performance suspension. This car can get pretty high, but there are better still.

Spohn Performance Chevy Camaro Wheelie

This is the best wheelie yet, courtesy of Jeff Moyer of Pennsylvania. His 8-second nitrous-injected ’85 Camaro also runs in the 8’s. He credits his bevy of Spohn performance suspension products, including an anti-roll sway bar, rear control arms, and a Pro-Drag front coil-over kit.

These are just a few of the many rides occupying Spohn’s Facebook page, so take some time and check out all the cool cars they’ve help keep straight and true down the drag strip.