This video was created by Steve Meade from and posted on his YouTube channel. He details the installation of his Spohn Performance 2000-2006 GM SUV adjustable panhard bar on his air bag equipped 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe.

From Steve Meade…..

If you have ever lowered or bagged a Chevy Tahoe or Cadillac Escalade, you know they come down on an angle that makes the entire rear end shift to the left. This causes the wheel on the rear passenger side to stick out past the fender and very slightly touch it, while the driver side tucks inside the fender and has room to spare. This is caused by the factory panhard bar. The solution was to install an adjustable one. The video is self explanatory from there! Lets just say, it works and FINALLY my SUV drops straight down and has even “tuckage” on both sides now. I got it at Visit my website to see this Tahoe built from the ground up as well as TONS of other vehicles at