Dodge Ram 4x4 Rear Traction Bars
1994-2002 Dodge Ram 4×4 Quad Cab Short Bed Rear Traction Bars

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Eliminate that nasty wheel hop and shudder caused by rear leaf spring axle wrap that is a common problem on the Dodge Ram 4×4, especially with larger, higher traction tires. Spohn Performance’s Extreme Duty rear traction bars can withstand the tremendous torque loads generated by high torque engines and large tires and help maintain tire contact with the road. With our design, the bars’ rear end attachment points are incorporated into rear u-bolt mounts and the front mount attaches to existing frame holes for a 100% bolt in installation. To further enhance strength and rigidity, the traction bars’ mounting bushings are supported on both sides.

We use an extremely strong and rigid greasable Delrin bushing in the front mount and our exclusive Del-Sphere pivot joint for the rear mount. When the springs are not being evenly compressed, such as when you’re turning or driving off-road, a twisting force is transmitted through the traction bars and into their mounts. The Del-Sphere pivot joints prevent these destructive torsional loads from stressing the truck’s frame. Additionally, they provide much better handling and a noise free ride. The Del-Sphere pivot joints thread into the traction bars which allows for length adjustments for lifted trucks as well as the ability to adjust pre-load. Our traction bar system provides a nice and quiet ride, unlike with spherical rod end equipped traction bars like most others on the market utilize.

Unlike most rear traction bars on the market that use a single tube design, our rear traction bars are built like a truss. This design prevents tube flex under load, remember that these bars are over 8′ long and have a very high torque load applied to them. Our main beam is 1.50″ x .120″ DOM and the formed truss tube and braces are 1.25″ x .120″ DOM, completely jig built and precision MIG and TIG welded.

We use TIG welded 4130 chrome moly threaded tube adapters for extreme thread strength. Our rear u-bolt traction bar mount is CNC laser cut and formed from 1/4″ steel. We supply four new u-bolts that are longer than stock, you replace your stock u-bolts with our supplied u-bolts and our rear mount simply bolts right underneath your factory’s lower u-bolt mounting saddle. The front traction bar mount is CNC laser cut and formed from 3/16″ steel and features a triangulated design for maximum strength and durability under extreme loads. It bolts in place using existing frame holes and all necessary mounting hardware [Grade 8] is supplied. The entire assembly is powder coated in your choice of bright red or gloss black for a durable and brilliant finish.

Build Specifications:

  • (2) Truss shaped traction bars with 1.50″ x .120″ DOM main beams, 1.25″ x .120″ DOM formed truss tubes and braces and TIG welded 4130 chrome moly threaded tube adapters
  • (4) Longer length heavy duty rear u-bolts
  • (2) CNC laser cut and formed 1/4″ steel rear u-bolt traction bar mounts
  • (2) CNC laser cut and formed 3/16″ steel triangulated front traction bar frame mounts
  • (2) Delrin bushed front mounts and (2) Del-Sphere pivot jointed rear mounts (all equipped with grease fittings)
  • All required mounting hardware is included [Grade 8]
  • Powder coated in your choice of bright red or gloss black for a durable and brilliant finish

Dodge Ram 4x4 Rear Traction Bars Installed

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