Rear Suspension Package Suburban, Tahoe, Hummer H2, Yukon, Avalanche, Escalade

Complete “Off-Road” Rear Suspension Package
2000-2011 Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, Avalanche, Escalade, Hummer H2

SKU# GMSUV-00-06-RK1: 2000-2006 GM SUV (Product Page Link)
SKU# GMSUV-07-RK1: 2007-2011 GM SUV (Product Page Link)

Complete “Off-Road” Rear Suspension Package: Replace the factory’s flimsy rear suspension components with our heavy duty adjustable set-up! Allows for adjusting your pinion angle. These are the best choice for serious off road handling.

Allows for fore and aft alignment of the rear end for clearance when running larger tires and greatly increases the rear end’s stability. The Del-Sphere pivot joints provide for 28 degrees of articulation, perfect for the off road enthusiast looking for maximum suspension articulation!

This package deal includes a pair of adjustable rear lower control arms with Del-Sphere pivot joints, adjustable rear upper control arms with Del-Sphere pivot joints and an adjustable panhard bar with Del-Sphere pivot joints.

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