F-Body Camaro Firebird Front End Steering Rebuild Kit
Our popular front end steering rebuild kits for the 1982-1992 F-Body Camaro and Firebird and for the 1978-1987 GM G-Body are back in stock and ready to ship.

Along with our complete packages we are also stocked up on all of the individual components for those of you looking to grab single parts.

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1982-1992 F-Body Camaro and Firebird Front End Steering Rebuild Parts

1978-1987 G-Body Front End Steering Rebuild Parts


09/15/10 – StreetLegalTV.com – Author: Gordon McDonald

Those of you who think that the 1/8 mile run is for babies, need to think that through again. Breaking into the 4 second club when running the eighth mile track isn’t for the faint of heart. Cars that do blow through the 4 second barrier typically run mid-sevens on the long track.

When you’re dealing with eighth mile competition, your 60 foot time is hugely critical. There really is no big end for you to play catch up in. So when Al Marlow, of Clemens, MD, built up his ThirdGen drag radial Camaro, he knew that he had to maintain an OEM style suspension.

Competing in 10.5 outlaw and drag radial events, Al needed the best in competition bred replacement components, so he turned to Spohn Performance to update his 1991 Camaro RS. Now kitted out with a Spohn Torque Arm, LCAs, panhard bar, LCA relocation brackets, Top-Gun driveshaft and Pro-Series rear drag sway bar, Al doesn’t just say that it “feels better.” He’s got the numbers to prove it.

Before moving to Spohn components, Al’s best 60 ft time was 1.34. Now, he can pull 1.21 seconds and with this, he holds a few records at Maryland International Raceway. In the X275 Radial class, his results this year on the eight mile are recorded at 4.997 seconds for ET, and 145.19 mph trap speed. When Al runs the 1/4 mile, his results are nothing to cough at either. How does a 7.68 @ 185 mph sound, on drag radials? Sounds pretty stout to me, ably aided by that consistent 1.21 second 60 ft time.

Whether you drive an F-body, or G or A, or other GM performance cars, a Mustang or Viper, Spohn Performance can give you more of what you like the best in your ride – performance. Check out their website and see what they can do for you.


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Store Pick Up Feature Added to www.spohn.net

Posted by Spohn Performance | 07/23/10 | Tagged 1. News Releases

Store Pick Up

We have added a new feature to the shopping cart checkout system on www.spohn.net for local “Store Pick Up”.

If you would like to pick up your order from our location you can now select “Pick Up at Spohn Performance” as your shipping option when placing your order online. This option requires you to pick the date that you will be picking your order up so that we can have everything ready for you upon your arrival. Available pick up days and hours are listed as well.

Please note that no matter what state you reside in, if you pick an order up at our facility you must pay the 6% Pennsylvania sales tax. Our online checkout system will automatically add the sales tax to your order total if you select “Pick Up at Spohn Performance” as your shipping option when ordering online.

If you still see a shipping charge listed even though you selected “Pick Up at Spohn Performance” as your shipping option that means you are getting at least one item that ships from a different location. An example would be a rear end assembly. These items can be shipped to our facility for your local pick up, but you still must pay the inbound shipping charge which is what you are seeing listed when checking out.