The World Car Design of the Year award is one of the most prestigious automotive awards given out and is meant to highlight new vehicles with innovation and style that push established boundaries. A design panel consisting of five highly respected world design experts asked to first review each candidate, and then establish a short-list of recommendations for the jurors. The original list consisted of 30 different cars.

The three design finalists were the Chevrolet Camaro, Citroën C3 Picasso, and Kia Soul.

Congratulations to Chevrolet on a great design and a very fun 2010 Camaro!

Spohn G8 & 2010 Camaro Rear Suspension on

Posted by Spohn Performance | 03/29/10 | Tagged 1. News Releases put up a nice write up on the Spohn Performance 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 and 2010 Chevrolet Camaro rear suspension components. To check out their article click here.

powerTV Project Grandpa Part  1 installed a variety of Spohn Performance suspension and steering components on their “Project Grandpa” 1982 Chevy Caprice Classic Station Wagon.

Tom at states “The goal of Project Grandpa will be to take the ultimate unsuspecting car, a Caprice Classic Station Wagon, and turn it into a multi-use vehicle that is capable of doing almost anything. I believe that being an automatic, having 600+ horsepower, and boasting pump gas are all things that Grandpa would want! So, we are going to stick with this guideline to conjure up some basic rules. We want to take it to the strip and run 11s and be able to crank it around an autocross track, but Grandpa must also be able to live on the street.”

“We knew that dropping a big power plant into our car would be a simple fix for the “go juice” for Project Grandpa. However, the part that concerned us was the suspension. We knew that we wanted to go with Ridetech for their air springs, but what about the rest of the system? Thankfully, we got in touch with Spohn Performance who helped set us up with everything to make this car go from driving like a cloud to a lightning bolt!”.

Tom and crew have written an excellent article documenting the entire installation step by step. It’s a great read, if you have a spare couple of minutes, check it out!

Article Links:

Project Grandpa: Overview and Goals
Project Grandpa: Spohn Suspension Upgrade Part 1

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Spohn Performance Now Accepts eChecks!

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