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PayPal Access on www.spohn.net

www.spohn.net Now Features PayPal Access For Easy Account Creation

Creating an account and placing an order through Spohn Performance’s website at www.spohn.net just got a whole lot easier and FASTER! Those of you shopping on your smart phone through our mobile friendly website will especially appreciate this.

With PayPal™ Access you can log on to our website with a click of the PayPal™ Access button. If you have a PayPal™ account, you log in with your existing PayPal™ credentials. Visitors without an existing PayPal™ account can register on the spot and realize all the benefits of being a PayPal™ member. Using PayPal™ Access means you can avoid the friction of creating a user account just for our site.

Once authenticated, you must agree to share specific user attributes with our site, meaning you don’t have to re-enter information such as your email, password, phone number and address.

Payment Method: Just because you log in using PayPal™ Access does NOT mean that you must pay using PayPal™ as your payment method. PayPal™ Access simply imports all of your information to our website so you do not have to create a website account and type in all of this information. When checking out through our website you will still be able to utilize any of the available payment methods.

PayPal Access on www.spohn.net

SuperTravel Front Upper Ball Joints for Lowered S-10 and G-Body

SuperTravel Front Upper Ball Joint
Lowered 1982-2003 S-10 (2WD) & 1978-1987 GM G-Body

SKU# K5208ST (Product Page Link)

If you’re planning to do some extreme lowering (ie. air bags) on your S-10 or G-Body then these SuperTravel™ front upper ball joints are your savior!

These SuperTravel™ front upper ball joints are a “quantum leap” in ball joint technology. The housing is angled and the internals are completely revised for additional travel. No more cutting your front upper a-arms, the SuperTravel™ front upper ball joints outperform pie cut front upper a-arms. They can be used in conjunction with our tubular front upper a-arms for insane travel and laying the frame on very large wheels.

The ball stud is constructed from 4130 chrome moly and is heat treated for maximum strength. Forged SAE1045 housings were chosen for ultra-high stud pullout ratings, and the housing is sealed with our signature ring-retained, accordion-style boot. We also selected a larger ball head diameter for improved wear characteristics and added strength. The housings are electrocoated black for a sleek, durable finish that can pass a 240 hour salt spray test.

1350 U-Joint U-Bolt Saddle Kits Now Available

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1350 U-Joint U-Bolt Saddle Girdles

1350 U-Joint U-Bolt Saddle Kits

SKU# STR-U1610 (Product Page Link)

These 1350 u-joint u-bolt girdles from Strange Engineering have a unique design that provides more bearing surface for the universal joint bearing cap. The result is greater strength when compared to conventional u-joint u-bolts.

Fit any 1350 series u-joint. Includes two u-bolts and four lock nuts.

Ford Galaxie Rear Control Arms Mounting Hardware Bolts Kits

Rear Upper & Lower Control Arms Mounting Hardware Kits
1965-1974 Ford Galaxie

SKU# FG-975 – Rear Upper Control Arm Mounting Hardware Kit (Product Page Link)
SKU# FG-981 – Rear Lower Control Arms Mounting Hardware Kit (Product Page Link)

Don’t use your old rusty mounting bolts when installing rear upper or lower control arms on your 1965-1974 Ford Galaxie (if you managed to get the nuts off without breaking the bolts!).

Our rear lower and upper control arm mounting hardware kits include Grade 8 bolts, steel lock nuts and flat washers to make your installation a breeze!

Ford Galaxie Rear Upper Control Arm Mounting Hardware Bolts Kit

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