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Top-Gun Driveshaft - 1971-1980 GM H-Body: Vega, Monza, etc.

Vega Driveshaft | Monza Driveshaft | H-Body Driveshaft | LMC-TG-H
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Brand: Spohn Performance
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Application: 1971-1980 GM H-Body: Vega, Monza, etc.

Our Top-Gun series driveshafts are built and designed to handle the most severe high horsepower abuse, these are the ultimate in strength, durability, and performance. Both the weld yokes and tubing are entirely built from 4130 chrome moly and the entire assembly is meticulously TIG welded.

Have you dramatically increased your horsepower? Running a power adder? Done some mods to provide a neck-snapping launch? 6K clutch dumps or leaving on a transmission brake?

Don't over look the weak link in your drivetrain...the driveshaft. Everyone knows the stock rear doesn't hold up to much, the driveshaft won't either. When a driveshaft goes it will take expensive parts with it! Don't gamble with your safety, replace the weak link in your drivetrain with one of our "Top-Gun" driveshaft assemblies.

For neck snapping launch performance, stay away from an aluminum driveshaft. While the lighter weight may give you a few more horses, the lack of durability isn't worth the gamble. Our Top-Gun series driveshafts are designed to hold up to Extremely high horsepower abuse, yet remain vibration-free at high speeds, you get the best of both worlds.

We precision electronically balance each unit fully assembled. This allows balancing of the shaft just as it will be spinning in your car.

Build Specifications:

  • Constructed of 3" o.d. x .083" wall seamless 4130 chrome moly tubing
  • Forged 4130 chrome moly 1350 weld yokes, properly phased and installed in specially built fixtures (total indicated run-out of less than .008")
  • Extreme Duty Spicer self lubricating u-joints or Strange Engineering Hi-Impact solid u-joints
  • Extreme-Duty Spicer 1350 series transmission slip yoke or Strange Engineering 17-4 heat treated stainless steel transmission slip yoke
  • Meticulously TIG welded for maximum strength
  • Fully assembled and then precision electronically balanced
  • Ships fully assembled - ready to install

Options: Now available with Strange Engineering 17-4 heat treated stainless steel transmission slip yoke, and with Strange Engineering Hi-Impact solid u-joints for the ultimate in strength!

Measurements: Follow these instructions to provide us with the information needed to build your driveshaft:

1. Enter your transmission type (ie. TH350, TH400, Powerglide, 700R4, Muncie, etc.)
2. Enter your rear end type
3. Enlarge and print out Picture #2 - Measurement Directions
4. With your car at ride height - suspension loaded (weight of vehicle on the rear), measure and then enter Measurement "A". Also record Measurement "B".

Note: On Measurement "A" you are measuring the distance from the center of the rear u-joint to the rear edge of the transmission tailshaft seal. Measurement "B" is the distance from the rear edge of the tailshaft to the rear edge of the output shaft.

Maximum LengthMeasurement "A" maximum length = 63.00" 

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