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RRx Series 1.375" Front & 1.00" Rear Chrome Moly Sway Bars with Spherical End Links - 1982-1992 GM F-Body: Camaro & Firebird

Camaro Sway Bars | F-Body Sway Bars | Firebird Sway Bars | 923T-SEL
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SKU #: 923T-SEL
Brand: Spohn Performance
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Application: 1982-1992 GM F-Body: Camaro & Firebird

If you're looking for the ultimate in handling performance for AutoX, all out road racing, and/or meticulous carving of corners on the street, then look no further than our RRx Series™ sway bars equipped with spherical end links.

This kit is the single biggest handling improvement you can make to your 1982-1992 GM F-Body Camaro and Firebird. They dramatically reduce body roll and greatly increase your cornering capabilities. Don't skimp on the foundation of your suspension!

Our sway bars are larger, stiffer, and stronger 1-3/8" diameter front (hollow) and 1" diameter rear (solid) chrome moly sway bars to reduce body roll and provide predictable handling (matched sizing for balanced handling).

Our 1.375" diameter lightweight tubular front sway bar is made from 3/16" wall 4130N chrome moly tubing. This bar is precision CNC formed and coined as one piece.

The end seams are TIG welded and the end link coins feature machined chamfers to seal the bar. This tubular bar is over 10 pounds lighter than a comparable diameter solid bar providing maximum performance with minimal weight!

Our 1.00" diameter rear sway bar is made from heat treated solid 4140 chrome moly spring grade steel. This bar is entirely heat formed and coined as one piece for maximum durability and minimal shape alteration under load.

We put our sway bars through this extensive manufacturing process to ensure that the final product will be the strongest, and most durable sway bars on the market, and the most resistant to form alteration.

Our spherical sway bar end links allow these larger sway bars to reach their full potential. The spherical front sway bar end links connect to your front lower a-arms and the spherical rear sway bar end links connect to the chassis with a chrome plated self-lubricating Teflon® lined chrome moly spherical joint that provides a bind-free connection for maximum handling performance.

The amount of stress applied to the sway bar end links is severe and you need an end link that is not going to flex and/or bind up to obtain the maximum handling performance you're looking for.

You simply bolt the supplied CNC laser cut and formed 3/16" steel clevis to the end link mount on your front lower a-arm and to the rear upper end link mount on the chassis using basic hand tools. The clevis features a gloss black powder coated finish and all required mounting hardware is included for a simple bolt in installation.

The other end of our spherical sway bar end links connect to the sway bar with low deflection polyurethane bushings. A silver zinc plated high strength 4140 chrome moly threaded stud keeps everything connected together.

This front and rear sway bars set includes new polyurethane sway bar bushings and spherical front and rear end links, everything you need for an easy bolt in installation and maximum performance! 

They're available powder coated in your choice of the above colors for a brilliant and durable finish.


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