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Sealed Axle Vent Bellows Breather Bladder - Fits Over Any 1/4" Fitting or Tubing

Sealed Axle Vent Bellows Breather Bladder - Fits Over Any 1/4" Fitting
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Brand: Mountain Goat Series
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Application: Universal - Fits Over Any 1/4" Barbed Fitting

The Mountain Goat Series™ axle vent breather kit replaces your standard axle vent tube with a sealed bellows. Our vent bellows will work on anything that needs to be vented.

It allows your reservoir, front or rear axle housings, transmission, transfer case, etc. to vent without losing fluids or letting contaminates in. It fits over any 1/4" tubing or barbed fitting.

Using a sealed vent bellows prevents dirt, debris and water from getting in to your axle housing, transmission, etc. The bellows expands and contracts to accommodate any increase or decrease in pressure. The kit includes one bellows and one clamp (as shown).

It's an easy installation that takes just a few minutes as there are no hoses to route. It's also a perfect solution to stretched or too short vent hoses at full droop after installing a lift kit!

  Mountain Goat Series� Jeep JK Suspension


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