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What rear u joint do I need for a Moser Engineering or Strange Engineering rear end?

All Moser Engineering and Strange Engineering rear ends come equipped with a 1350 pinion yoke. The only other option Moser offers is a 1310 pinion yoke, but only if you specifically request it. We recommend going with the standard 1350 pinion yoke as it is bigger and much stronger.

How does this effect driveshafts for late model GM cars? If you are ordering a Spohn Performance Extreme Duty or Top Gun driveshaft you want to pick 1350 as your rear u-joint type. If you have a stock driveshaft you will need to get a conversion u-joint that goes from 3R (stock) to 1350. We have these available, see our Part #E-U3R1350.

For older model cars (ie. 64-72 A-Body, etc.) you will need to determine your stock driveshaft u-joint size and get a conversion u-joint from that size to 1350 to connect to the rear end, or order one of our Extreme Duty or Top Gun driveshafts set up for the 1350 rear u-joint.

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