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Can you give me more information on your Thrustator front torque arm rotator mount?

The Spohn "Thrustator" front torque arm rotational mount utilizes a CNC machined steel housing with 5/8" chrome moly thrust bearings installed in both ends. Our competitors use a polyurethane bushing which really defeats the entire purpose of running an aftermarket crossmember mounted torque arm. The advantage to an aftermarket crossmember mounted torque arm is getting the torque arm off of the transmission tailshaft to prevent tailshaft fatigue but the biggest performance advantage realized is not having the torque arm pulling and stretching on a transmission mount bushing and the torque arm bushing. That bushing stretch and deflection takes away a lot of torque that could all be going in to planting your rear!

Previously we used a machined steel sleeve with no bearings, this system planted the rear hard but you got some "clunk" noise when going from tension to rest. We wanted the best of both worlds, quiet and no deflection, so we tested and developed the
"Thrustator" rotator mount. The chrome moly thrust bearings provide for a very quiet, smooth and tight rotation with no deflection or stretch!

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Last Updated
22nd of June, 2010

Vehicle Application
1982-1992 GM F-Body, 1993-1997 GM F-Body, 1998-2002 GM F-Body

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