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Is my Spohn driveshaft too short? The slip yoke sticks a lot further out of the transmission.

A common question we get from customers after they install one of our Extreme Duty or Top Gun driveshafts is whether the driveshaft is too short. This is an optical illusion when comparing to the factory driveshaft if you are looking at how much of the transmission slip yoke is sticking out of the transmission.

All of our driveshafts are built with 1350 series transmission slip yokes which are bigger, stronger and 3/4" longer than the factory driveshaft's slip yoke. The same amount of slip yoke is inside of the transmission but due to the 3/4" longer length of the snout on a 1350 series slip yoke there is of course 3/4" more sticking out of the transmission.

If you are still in doubt there is a simple method to check for proper length and slip yoke engagement. With the car at ride height - suspension loaded, put a mark on the slip yoke at the edge of the transmission tailshaft seal. Then disconnect the driveshaft at the rear from the pinion yoke. Push the driveshaft front until the slip yoke bottoms out inside of the transmission and put another mark on the slip yoke at the edge of the transmission tailshaft seal. Now measure the distance between the two lines and you will find it is approximately 1". Approximately 1" of slip yoke travel is what you want to have for a high performance application.

If you measure our driveshaft from the center of the rear u-joint to the front edge of the transmission slip yoke and compare it to your factory driveshaft you will note that our driveshaft will generally be around 1/2" shorter. This is CORRECT, as we explained above the factory provides for about 1/2" of slip yoke travel inside the transmission, for higher horsepower performance applications you need 1" of transmission slip yoke travel.

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