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On roll cages, what is the difference between through the dash and in front of the dash?

On many of our roll cages you have the option of getting it through the dash or in front of the dash.

In Front of the Dash: Getting the roll cage to mount in front of the dash is the easiest of the two to install. No modifications are required to the dash and welding access is easy. The front bars run down in front of the dashboard.

Example of a "In Front of Dash" Roll Cage

Through the Dash: Getting a roll cage that goes "through the dash" means the vertical bars will run down along the a-pillars and through the dashboard. This gives a cleaner and "hidden" appearance and provides a bit more room for the driver. It does require removal of the dash for installation as well as the need to hole saw two holes through each end of the dash. Normally you will also need to remove the windshield for welding access as well.

Example of a "Through the Dash" Roll Cage


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