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I'm ordering a rear end, what are the brake line, emergency brake cable and brake line clamp options?

When ordering a rear end you must choose from various options. One of the options we need to know is what rear brakes you will be installing (article link) so that we can match the rear end's housing ends to the brakes you will be installing. The brake options available vary depending on the vehicle application. On many rear ends we offer aftermarket rear brake kits. Some of these aftermarket rear brake kits also have brake line and emergency brake cable kits available for easy installation, such as the Wilwood and Moser Economy rear disc brake kits. If you are ordering one of these brake kits you can add the brake lines and/or emergency brake cables at the same time.

Moser Engineering rear ends do not have brake cable mounting clamps welded to the axle tubes like your factory rear end does. Many people simply wire tie them to the axle tubes, which works fine. We now have optional brake line mounting clamps that securely clamp your brake lines to the axle tubes and their adjustable clamping mechanism allows for fitment on any size axle tube from 2.75" to 3.25" diameter, which covers all of the rear ends that we sell.

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