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My Del-Sphere ends are making noise, what can I do to make them quiet?

If your del-sphere end is making noise that may mean the tension setting is too loose. You can correct this by tightening the del-sphere's adjuster ring using our del-sphere adjustment wrench.

If you have a panhard bar with a Del-Sphere end the Del-Sphere end will contact the inside of the panhard bar mounts when at full rotation. Because the panhard bar mounts are much narrower then control arm mounts the Del-Sphere end cannot fully rotate without the housing contacting the inside of the mount. This shows you how much rotation your suspension likes to be bind free. An easy solution is to stick a rubber lining, a piece of weatherstrip, etc. on the inside surface of the panhard bar mounts to deaden the noise so you don't hear it in the cabin of your car.



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19th of September, 2011

Vehicle Application
Del-Sphere Pivot Joints

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