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I have set my pinion angle and I am getting a driveline vibration

Normally, if you get a driveline vibration it is one of four things:

1. You have an Energy Suspension polyurethane transmission mount. This transmission mount is well known for causing driveline vibrations due to its taller than stock height. To fix this you should remove the "shim plate" that they send along and tell you to put between their mount and the transmission tailshaft. You may also consider going back to a stock or rubber transmission mount, or running the Prothane polyurethane (click here) transmission mount that is the proper height.

2. Your pinion angle is not set correctly. See our setting pinion angle article for instructions on setting your pinion angle properly.

3. You have a vibration from another part of your driveline such as from the rear end, clutch, flywheel, torque converter, etc. and it is now much more noticeable because of the chassis mounted torque arm transmitting it in to the chassis.

4. Your driveshaft is out of balance.

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