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Upper Strut Mounts Package - Stock Style - 1982-1992 GM F-Body: Camaro & Firebird

Upper Strut Mount Bearing Plates | 1982-1992 F-Body Camaro Firebird
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SKU #: E-StrutMt-8292-F
Brand: KYB
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1982-1992 GM F-Body: Camaro & Firebird

If you're driving an 1982-1992 F-Body Camaro and Firebird, your car probably has some miles on it. More than likely your upper strut mounts need some attention, the bearings in them are usually toast.

This is an item many people neglect to replace when doing a front end rebuild. Finish off your front end rebuild and restore that predictable steering and handling with these quality upper strut mounts.

Kit includes left and right side upper strut mounts.

NOTE: GM used two different mounting bolt patterns on the strut mount retainers. 1982-1986 cars have one type, 1987-1992 cars have another type. These strut mounts are made to the 1987-1992 style mounting pattern. If you will be installing these strut mounts on a 1982-1986 car, you will need to get strut mount retainers from a 1987-1992 car, or you can order them from us in the option box below (see picture below). Our strut mount retainers are CNC laser cut from 3/16" steel and have new (longer than stock) mounting bolts welded in place.

Priced per pair -- Qty. 1 = 1 Pair

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