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Pro-Series Adjustable Torque Arm - Standard Exhaust - 1993-2002 GM F-Body: Camaro & Firebird

Camaro Torque Arm | F-Body Torque Arm | Firebird Torque Arm | 402-PS
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SKU #: 402-PS
Brand: Spohn Performance
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Application: 1993-2002 GM F-Body: Camaro & Firebird

What is the difference between our Standard Duty crossmember mounted torque arms and our Pro-Series crossmember mounted torque arms? We knew you'd ask, click here for a comparison and explanation.

Spohn Pro-Series torque arms are the strongest and hardest hooking torque arms on the market. This crossmember mounted Pro-Series adjustable torque arm is for vehicles not running long tube headers/y-pipe set ups.

This crossmember has been designed for use on the 1993-2002 F-Body Camaro and Firebird running the stock y-pipe, or "shorty" headers/y-pipe, or aftermarket y-pipes that connect to the OEM exhaust manifolds that do not need the extra exhaust clearance that is provided on our long tube version Pro-Series torque arm kit. This kit is perfect for lowered vehicles as it provides for minimal ground clearance loss.

If you need bullet-proof strength, serious performance, improved handling, and pavement digging traction when you're at the dragstrip, AutoX, or road racing; then you need a Spohn Performance Pro-Series torque arm, here's what it'll do:

  • Attaches to the rear axle and controls rear end torque during acceleration, transferring this energy into the tires, increasing straight line traction
  • Reduces nose-dive during braking
  • Eliminates wheelhop
  • Increases sidebite during corner exit acceleration
  • Bolt-on system does not require complete interior removal as with other kits
  • No fabrication, welding or drilling required - 100% bolt-in installation!
  • Removes the torque arm pivot point from the rear of the transmission to the supplied crossmember
  • Changes the instantaneous center and leverage point from stock
  • Provides adjustable pinion angle

Build Specifications:

  • Constructed of TIG welded 1.50" o.d. x .120" wall (main beams) and 1.25" x .095" wall (bracing) 4130N chrome moly tubing
  • TIG welded 4130N chrome moly threaded tube adapters (with dual plug welds)
  • Extreme-duty CNC laser cut 3/8" thick steel rear housing mounting bracket with wide spread
  • Heavy-duty dual 1.25" x .120" DOM tube crossmember with integral torque arm mounting system
  • Polyurethane bushing front mount version for minimal road noise. Integral grease fitting allows for lubrication of the polyurethane bushing
  • Rod ended front mount version utilizes an extra high strength chrome moly spherical rod end with Teflon self lubricating race for those who demand no bushing deflection and the best in bind-free performance and strength.
  • Del-Sphere front mount version utilizes an extra high strength chrome moly Del-Sphere pivot joint for those who demand no bushing deflection and the best in street-friendly bind-free performance and strength
  • Unique rotating front torque arm mount (thrustator), this system allows the torque arm to travel fore/aft which is VERY necessary with a torque arm suspension system. Solidly mounting the front of the torque arm causes the suspension to bind and hurts your car's handling drastically. The front rotator tube has an integral grease fitting to allow for proper lubrication.
  • Rear of torque arm mounts to the 3/8" thick steel rear housing mount via two 1"-12 NFT x 1" bore x 1 3/8" thick chrome moly spherical rod ends with Teflon self lubricating race. Grade 8, 1" bolts and 1" nylock nuts are supplied.
  • Integral 1"-12 threaded 4140 chrome moly pinion angle adjuster between the bottom rear rod end and the bottom rear torque arm tube allows for easy pinion angle adjustment. A simple turn of the wrench will give you over 6 degrees of pinion angle adjustment, it's that simple.
  • This is a proven product being run on some of the fastest F-Bodies in the country!
  • Rear mounting bracket is designed to fit on OEM or aftermarket rear ends
  • Available powder coated in your choice of the above colors for a brilliant and durable finish

We offer the option of getting your torque arm with a front driveshaft safety loop: NHRA rules call for a front driveshaft safety loop to prevent catapulting of the vehicle in the event of a front u-joint or driveshaft failure. Protect yourself, and your investment, and play it safe by containing the front of the driveline.

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