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Spohn Torque Arm Front Crossmember - Standard Exhaust - 1993-2002 GM F-Body: Camaro & Firebird

Camaro Torque Arm Crossmember | F-Body Torque Arm Crossmember | 402XM
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SKU #: 402XM
Brand: Spohn Performance
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Application: 1993-2002 GM F-Body: Camaro & Firebird

This torque arm front crossmember is for the 1993-2002 F-Body Camaro and Firebird not running long tube headers/y-pipe set ups.

This crossmember has been designed for use with vehicles running the stock y-pipe, or "shorty" headers/y-pipe, or aftermarket y-pipes that connect to the OEM exhaust manifolds that do not need the extra exhaust clearance that is provided on our long tube version crossmember.

This crossmember is perfect for lowered vehicles as it provides for minimal ground clearance loss.

If you have a Spohn long tube version torque arm and want to convert to the standard style set-up then this is the crossmember you need. Everything else in our torque arm kit is the same, you can just swap out crossmembers.

1998-2002 F-Body LS1 Cars: Do not get a driveshaft safety loop if you have the stock y-pipe.

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