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900 HP One Piece Aluminum Driveshaft - 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO

2004-2006 Pontiac GTO 900 HP One Piece Aluminum Driveshaft
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SKU #: GTO-900DS-1A
Brand: DSS
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Application: 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO

900 HP One Piece Aluminum Driveshaft

This driveshaft is capable of 997 ft/lb of torque based on a shock factor of 3.5 and a top RPM of 7927 (150mph) with a 3:90 rear. This 3.5" aluminum single piece driveshaft is a direct bolt on system, no changing the rear flange or worries about the crush collar, just bolt and go! We have been looking at the GTO platform for some time and have realized that most driveshafts for these cars require the rear flange to be removed from the differential. The problem with this is that the rear is a crush collar type (between the pinion bearings there is a collar) and the preload on the nut sets the pinion depth to make sure the rear gears have the proper engagement.

What we have done is make a 7075-T6 aluminum flange that will bolt directly to the three finger flange on the rear. This eliminates the need to bring the car to a professional to have the driveshaft installed. Just unbolt the factory two piece driveshaft, change the seat belt bolt, put ours in and go. We have made our plate 1" long which makes the driveshaft a little shorter than most and enables the driveshaft to obtain higher RPMs.

Changing the driveshaft in the GTO is perhaps one of the most noticeable performance enhancements you can do. Not only is it lighter, but the factory hanger bearing moves up and down violently when the car is being driven hard, this action is not only dangerous but robs the drivetrain of power. When our driveshaft is installed your GTO will have a much more responsive throttle and feel smoother overall.

Kit includes:

  • 900 Horsepower rated one piece aluminum driveshaft

  • Conversion plate with three bolts for the rear and four bolts for the flange

  • Seat belt bolt

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