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Over 100 new part numbers have been released, get the details below!

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2010 Camaro SS/RSWe've taken delivery of our 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS! For more details and pictures click here. Be sure to follow along with "Project 10" on our blog as we begin to test and develop new products for the 2010 Camaro. We won the American Iron Grudge Race series at Maple Grove Raceway beating out a 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8. Our best ET was 13.62, best MPH was 109 and best 60' was 2.343 with major wheel hop. To see a video of the race click here. Visit our 2010 Camaro products section to keep an eye on what's new as products are released.

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You get a permanent url link for each of your videos, you can share video links with your friends as well as embed videos directly to any webpage, Facebook, MySpace, Message Boards, etc. with the embed html code. Of course you can use the
SpohnTV channel to watch our customer's videos as well as Spohn Performance product tours and installation videos. We have a few product videos up now and have plans to add a ton more over the coming months so be sure to check in on the SpohnTV channel often! We also have a video channel on YouTube and StreetFire.net.

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Now on to the really good news
....... We have recently released OVER 100 new part numbers! There isn't enough room to list all of them in this email but we made it easy for you. Go to the
New Products
section of our website where we have listed every new product just released.

We would like to highlight the following:

Pro-Series Torque Arm
Pro-Series Adjustable Torque Arms: We have introduced a new line of adjustable torque arms for the 1982-2002 GM F-Body called the Pro-Series line. These torque arms are for cars that are making serious horsepower and need the absolute best in bullet-proof strength and extreme pavement digging traction! To get an overview of the difference between our new Pro-Series torque arms and our Standard Duty torque arms - click here
. See the complete line up of the new Pro-Series torque arms for the 1982-1992 GM F-Body and for the 1993-2002 GM F-Body.

Del-Sphere Pivot Joint          
Del-Sphere Pivot Joints:
After over a year of R&D testing here at Spohn Performance on a streetable spherical joint the Del-Sphere pivot joint is the final result. Designed and manufactured exclusively by Spohn Performance, we have taken street suspension performance to the next level. Our Del-Sphere pivot joint features a one piece forged and heat treated chrome moly housing, a heat treated and chrome plated chrome moly spherical ball, Delrin bushing cups, heat treated retainer washer and snap ring, heat treated and chrome plated chrome moly threaded adjuster ring, an external grease fitting and a beautiful silver zinc plated housing finish. The delrin bushing cups absorb shock and road noise so you get the quiet and smooth ride of a bushing as well as 28 degrees of rotation! Get all the details, pictures and video tour of our new Del-Sphere pivot joint by clicking here. We have released a TON of new products that utilize the Del-Sphere pivot joints, you can see them all by clicking here. If you have any brand component with 3/4"-16 spherical rod ends and want to replace them with the Del-Sphere pivot joint we have you covered - click here.

Thrustator Torque Arm Front Rotational Mount:
All of our Pro-Series torque arms will come standard with the new "Thrustator" front rotational mount. Our standard duty torque arms will as well over the next few weeks as we transition over to the "Thrustator" rotational mount on those. The Spohn "Thrustator" front torque arm rotational mount utilizes a CNC machined steel housing with 5/8" chrome moly thrust bearings installed in both ends. Our competitors use a polyurethane bushing which really defeats the entire purpose of running an aftermarket crossmember mounted torque arm!

The first advantage to an aftermarket crossmember mounted torque arm is getting the torque arm off of the transmission tailshaft to prevent tailshaft fatigue, but the biggest performance advantage realized is not having the torque arm pulling and stretching on a transmission mount bushing and the torque arm bushing. That bushing stretch and deflection takes away a lot of torque that could all be going in to planting your rear! We wanted the best of both worlds, quiet and no deflection, so we tested and developed the
"Thrustator" front rotator mount. The chrome moly thrust bearings provide for a very quiet, smooth and tight rotation with no deflection or stretch! To get all the details on our slick new "Thrustator" front rotational mount click here.

Other new products of interest are a
3.8L V-6 version of our tubular k-member for the 1982-1992 GM F-Body, a Pro Touring Sway Bar and a Pro-Series Rear Drag Bar for the 1964-1967 GM A-Body, a Bump-Steer Kit for the 1993-2002 GM F-Body using a Pinto manual rack and a Bump-Steer Kit for the 1971-1980 GM H-Body using S-10 spindles. See the complete listing of all of our new product releases by clicking here! You can download our complete and updated .pdf product and pricing sheet with web links by clicking here.

Spohn Performance works really hard to service all of our customers from the daily driver all the way to the professional race teams. We are honored and feel privileged to be your #1 stop for all of your HIGH quality chassis, suspension, drivetrain and performance parts and components. Without your business, we would not exist. Thank you very much! As always, if you have any ideas for us, please send us an e-mail. We are always looking for input from our customers.


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